Licensed Site Professionals: Service Spotlight and Case Study

Alliance Environmental Group (AEG) employs a team of Licensed Site Professionals (LSPs), including scientists and engineers, to supervise the assessment and cleanup of environmental contaminations at hazardous waste sites in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

All work and services are performed in accordance with the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) and other applicable laws and regulations and to allow for the redevelopment of these sites in a safe, cost-effective manner.

Alliance’s LSPs work with property owners, site operators, and other parties to lead them through the MCP.

LSPs perform the following services:

  • Release Notifications
  • Phase I/II Site Assessments
  • Risk Characterization Methods 1-3
  • Risk Reduction Measures
  • Immediate Response Actions (IRAs)
  • Release Abatement Measures (RAMs)
  • Utility-Related Abatement Measures (URAM)
  • Phase II Remedial Action Plans (Feasibility Studies)
  • Phase IV Remedy Implementation Plans (Design and Construction)
  • Phase V Remedy Operation Status (Operations and Maintenance)
  • Downgradient Property Status (DPS)
  • Limited Removal Actions (LRAs)
  • 21J UST Found Reimbursement
  • Response Action Outcome Services
  • Permanent and Temporary Solutions
  • Activity and Use Limitations (AULs)

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AEG can perform similar services across the entire F.W. Webb footprint having done so in Connecticut (following their Licensed Environmental Professional [LEP] program), Maine and New York.