Licensed Environmental Professional Services (CT only)

Alliance Environmental Group, an F.W. Webb company, has Licensed Environmental Professionals (LEPs) for the State of Connecticut to lead you through Remediation Standard Regulations (RSRs).

The LEP Program was established by the Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) on October 1, 1995. Subsequently, the state’s LEP regulations were adopted on June 2, 1997. LEPs work closely with state official to oversee cleanup of contaminated sites in the context of the following programs:

  • Brownfields and Urban Sites
  • Federal Superfund Program
  • Potable Water Program
  • Property Transfer Program
  • RCRA Closure and Corrective Action
  • Significant Environmental Hazard Program
  • State Superfund Program
  • Underground Storage Tank Clean-up Program
  • Voluntary Remediation Program

LEPs are held to a high standard of integrity and dignity in the Nutmeg State. An LEP can verify that an investigation has been performed at a specific property in accordance with prevailing standards and guidelines. An LEP can also verify that pollution on the property has been remediated in accordance with RSRs.

To effectively address the RSR process on behalf of clients in Connecticut, Alliance Environmental Group’s LEPs develop comprehensive, innovative and cost-effective compliance solutions, actions and remediation.

LEP Services:

  • Pre-purchase, pre-sale assessments
  • Preliminary response actions
  • Technical Transfer Act applicability determinations
  • Environmental Condition Assessment forms
  • Transfer Act forms I to IV
  • Phase I/II/III assessments
  • Public notice of remediation
  • Risk characterizations
  • Preparing environmental land use restrictions
  • Groundwater compliance monitoring
  • LEP verification and verification audit defense
Licensed Environmental Professional Services

Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) programs are designed to minimize or eliminate risks associated with exposure to hazardous materials, work-related injuries, and environmental incidents. This is an important part of any business, regardless of size or industry.

By implementing effective EHS programs, you can protect your employees, customers, and the environment from harm. You can also reduce liability exposure, increase productivity, improve safety culture, and save money.

Alliance Environmental Group (AEG), an F.W. Webb Company, is a leading provider of Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health, and Industrial Safety services. Our Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and Certified Safety Professional (CSP) personnel have the expertise to help you assess, develop, and implement effective EHS programs.

We offer a variety of services, including:

EHS Program Assessments & Auditing: AEG will assess your EHS program, identify opportunities for improvement, and provide recommendations for corrective action.

EHS Program Development & Training: AEG can develop and implement effective EHS programs around a wide range of topics, including: