Environmental Engineering Services

When you have an environmental concern or unexpected emergency, rely on the experienced professionals at Alliance Environmental Group (AEG) to assist you with all of your environmental engineering needs. Whether an ongoing project or one-time issue, AEG is dedicated to providing attentive service, innovative solutions, and timely response. We strive to meet all client needs professionally, resourcefully, efficiently, and cost effectively – in accordance with all applicable state and federal regulations and mandates.

The Professional Engineers (PEs) at AEG are licensed in states throughout the Northeast. AEG PEs provide technical review of field and laboratory analytical data, assist clients with the determination of appropriate remedial strategies, and prepare technical reports and other submitting for municipal, state, and federal agencies. Where required by local authorities, our PEs review and certify submitting made to regulating agencies.

When your need is urgent, AEG’s dedicated professionals are prepared to respond to emergency stormwater events, 24-7-365.

Environmental Engineering Services

Environmental Engineering Services:

  • Professional engineering services
  • Air emissions calculations and state/ federal permitting
  • Air emissions treatment system design and operation
  • Stormwater management, discharge permitting, and compliance
  • Wastewater treatment system design, permitting, and operation
  • Marina water and stormwater management and compliance
  • Construction planning, including soil and groundwater management
  • Remedial technology evaluation and pilot testing
  • Soil, groundwater, and soil vapor remediation system design
  • Remediation system installation, O&M*, troubleshooting, and repairs
  • Facility inspections and compliance assistance
  • Landfill monitoring, inspections, and corrective actions

*Operations and Maintenance

Stormwater and Water Pollution

AEG routinely assist clients with all aspects of stormwater issues, from containment, treatment and compliance to pollution, spills and countermeasures. We prepare regulatory compliance documents and permit application packages for industrial facilities, manufacturers, marinas, and other commercial entities.

Turnkey solutions also include sampling and analysis of runoff samples when required. In some cases, AEG recommends significant operational changes to help keep clients compliant with current stormwater regulations. We do this by developing written procedures to ensure their facilities follow Best Management Practices (BMP)

Environmental Engineering Services
Environmental Engineering Services

Stormwater and Marina Water Services:

  • Training, labeling, and record keeping, including checklist development
  • Containment system design and installation
  • Waste materials analytical testing and evaluation
  • Marina stormwater sampling and compliance
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting and compliance
  • Stormwater treatment system design, installation, and O&M
  • Stormwater collection system inspections, clean-outs and compliance reporting
  • SWPP** and SPCC*** plans, development, training, and implementation assistance
  • BMP training for fueling, maintenance, power washing, and sanding of boat bottoms
  • Assistance with storage of gasoline, heating oil, and waste oil

**Stormwater Pollution Prevention
***Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure