Chemical Industries

The chemical sector touches and drives nearly every facet of the U.S. economy – creating jobs, protecting people, and improving quality of life. Plastics, paints, packaging, petrochemical, semi-conductor, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical, aerospace, and automotive are a mere few of the industries where chemicals are integral to the inventive and production process.

Keeping a high-quality chemical process going (in many cases 24-7) requires meticulous attention to processes, efficiencies, safety, sustainability, regulations, and compliance.

The professionals at Alliance Environmental Group (AEG), an F.W. Webb Company, can help you maintain your chemical production facility at optimum output with minimal downtime. AEG scientists and engineers are well-versed in all your environmental issues and concerns. We work with you to develop the best solutions for both urgent and long-range needs. Adding value and meeting your timelines are our guiding principles.

Chemical Industries

Chemical Industries Services:

  • Air emissions testing and compliance permitting
  • AST/UST permitting and compliance
  • Chemical safety and compatibility
  • Construction testing
  • Corrosion services, pipeline inspections, and forensics
  • EHS compliance and training
  • Emergency spill response coordination
  • Energy audits recommendations
  • Environmental assessment and remediation of soil and groundwater
  • Facility compliance auditing and regulatory reporting
  • Hazardous materials management
  • Indoor air testing and quality improvement
  • Plant decommissioning
  • Land-use planning and permitting for facility expansions
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Metallurgical and Materials:
    Failure and root cause analysis
  • Nondestructive examination
  • On-site safety training
  • Permitting and planning
  • Professional engineering services
  • Sustainability programs
  • Waste minimization, recycling, reuse, and monitoring
  • Wastewater system optimization
  • Water management resources
Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)
  • Air, soil and groundwater sampling
  • Building materials sampling
  • Process waste sampling
  • Drain discharge line determination
  • Locating Underground Storage Tanks [USTs]
  • Septic system evaluation